Czech Repabik , Ostarava, Industrial Gallery, solo exhibition, drawings
Jury  , YyeYye film festival, Nancy, France
France, Nancy, Gallery 9, solo exhibition, paintings
Tbilisi ,Royal Theatre, group exhibition, paintings 
Chardin gallery, Tbilisi, solo exhibition, paintings
Belarus, Minsk, youth art competition, jury

Black  and  White , group exhibition, History Museum in Tbilisi
Munich, Platform3, exhibition in group, paintings, installation
Jury of competition , youth art “I Am Painting Tbilisi” Tbilisi, Georgia
 Gallery  ”Academy+” solo exhibition, graphics 

Art Academy, Tbilisi, group exhibition , installation
China, Shanghai, video show, Reflection   
Tbilisi, gallery 9,  ,,RED,,  group exhibition, paintings

Italy, Archivio di Stato, Florence, Georgian Cultural Days

Tbilisi, solo exhibition, ArtlavKa gallery, painting ,graphic
Lithuania, solo exhibitions, Vilnius, Kaunas, kelme
Norway, solo exhibition, gallery Kit
Poland, Wroclaw,  film show ,,The Nearest Mountain,,
Germany ,Leipzig,  Festival   OFF EUROPA, participant
London, solo exhibition, Georgian Embassy
Atlanta National Museum - an exhibition of photos
Faminale, Germany – two short films: “Over Again” and “Force and Weakness”

American Academy, art posters competition, jury
The Sunchild Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia – “Force and Weakness”
The Washington Film Festival in Atlanta - “The Sorrowful Melodies of a Land filled with Sunshine”
The Spectrum Gallery, London - an exhibition of paintings by Georgian artists
The Hobby Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia – a joint exhibition of paintings
The Blumen Gallery, Leipzig - a solo exhibition

The Basaj Bei Ogli Gallery, Istanbul - a joint exhibition of posters and video works,
The East-West Festival, France – an exhibition of video works and photos
Mama Cash Gallery, Amsterdam  - video works
Istanbul, biennale, video art